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Slowing down is hard, right? Especially when it comes to this fast-paced generation — it seems that you have to do everything at the same time. There are two different kinds of people that will face this challenge. The first procrastinates all the time, which is so-called deadline-driven development (DDD). They do things at the last minute. To clarify, the courage to slow down mentioned in this article is not a last-minute routine.

The second is rare, but they exist: people who do things too fast. They just keep running ahead, afraid of falling behind. They barely embrace the beauty of the world. They think they have nothing to do. This can cause anxiety, self-doubt and depression. 

And I admit, I am the second kind of person. I am trying to be a better version of myself — the one who can admire the view of the sunset, the smell of the flowers and the taste of a dessert. If you find out that you are the second kind of person, the tips below may help. Just give them a try, at least we have some free time to waste!

1. IN THE Morning: Do yoga stretches to warm up and Listen to soft music

When it comes to fall, it is hard to wake yourself up properly. You may want more sleep or you may wake up way too tense. You need a daily routine. It can be a yoga stretch. I personally like the 30 minutes stretch routine posted by Mady Morrison.

Also, doing nothing and listening to soft music such as lo-fi, dark academia and so on can really help! I love the Oren Lavie song called Her Morning Elegance. The lyrics are amazing: “before she fights for her life, the sound of water makes her dream and she is awoken by a cloud of steam.” That’s relaxing!

2. In the afternoon: touch grass and watch the sunset

The sunset is pretty, especially in the bay area. You can find a lawn, embrace the softness of the grass and watch the pedestrians walking through the campus. Allow yourself to enjoy yourself for ten minutes.

3. At night: Avoid caffeine and give yourself a break before sleep

The consumption of tea and coffee can lead to insomnia and cause tension because of caffeine. Therefore, don’t drink them, especially at night. If you miss the taste or the smell of coffee, I will personally suggest decaf coffee! It can be bought in almost every cafe and it tastes the same as the one with caffeine! Also, give yourself a break to think throughout the day. This can give you a signal that the day is ending and you are going to sleep after a couple of minutes.

I hope we can have the courage to slow down together as the year comes to the end!

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