Prioritizing Your Mental Well-Being

It’s the middle of term, classes are in full swing, and midterms are as stressful as ever. The most important thing a student under a lot of pressure can do right now is prioritize his or her mental well-being. 

This can mean a lot of different things for different people. For many of us, it means finding the perfect balance between school, social life, and rest. If school is completely overwhelming to you, take an hour or two to nap or watch your favorite show on Netflix. Allow yourself to spend more time with friends than you would have before, so you can release more stress and focus better in the future. Maybe prepare a reasonable work schedule for yourself every day, taking the rest of the night off if you complete all your tasks. 

Prioritizing your mental well-being can also mean satisfying your need to work hard enough to achieve your long-term goals. You may be someone who achieves the most satisfaction from always being ahead of your work, or going into office hours to let your professor and GSI know you’re extremely interested and present in the class. Maybe you’re pre-Med, and you can’t be satisfied until you know you have an almost perfect GPA and are well-prepared for the MCAT. Whatever your long-term goals, prioritize what you need to do right now to achieve these in the future.

Above all, pay attention to what preserves your personal well-being and satisfaction the most in these stressful times. If you can’t afford to party on Saturday night, don’t. If partying is exactly the salvation you need, by all means, go out and party! But in college, a time when you are bettering yourself and preparing for your future, don’t forget to allow space for your personal peace of mind and spirit.