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Self-care is an essential part of how we maintain ourselves, whether through investing in our skin care routine or taking naps to recharge and feel better overall. However, it is midterm season, and although we are busy studying, we still need to practice and continue to implement self-care as it helps keep us grounded and intact mentally. Some may feel guilty about investing time in themselves, especially because it’s a busy time. However, it’s still important to keep yourself at bay during a stressful time like this. Here are some ways on doing self-care for midterm season. 

During midterms or in general, there are a few fun ways to practice self-care. If you’re in need of a relaxing time after a study sesh, you can slather on a brightening face mask and listen to music while you take some deep breaths and lie down. This quick 15-minute routine can be immensely beneficial and help you relax and wind down after a long day as well as provide some sort of enjoyment. You can also make yourself something to drink, such as tea or coffee. If that’s not your cup of tea (unintended pun), go on a walk to get your favorite drink at Sweetheart Cafe or at Feng Cha. This ensures that you get a tasty treat, some fresh air while you walk and some time to enjoy yourself before you study again.

If you’re tired, however, don’t feel guilty about taking a break, whether that be to watch a funny video or to take a small nap. If it’s late at night and you’re exhausted, just put your device or notebook down and go to sleep. You can’t study if you’re tired, and you most likely won’t remember anything with an exhausted brain. It’s better to get some good sleep and wake up early the next day to continue your work if you have time before your midterm. It’s not wrong to put yourself and your health first, and it’s important to keep this in mind. 

Another way to practice self-care is journaling. Although some people may not acknowledge this as a form of self-care, it could genuinely help destress. Journaling can be an outlet for people to let out their emotions, to express themselves and the benefits of journaling are increased emotional intelligence, enhanced academic performance, and enhanced critical thinking skills. Journaling can be a great form of self-care and is highly encouraged to try especially when you need a break from studying and doing homework.

An activity that is within this realm as well is coloring or painting. This fun and colorful activity can navigate your stress towards doing something fun and relaxing as well as give yourself a productive little task. You can also write positive affirmations on a sticky note or write them down on your phone because sometimes you just need to be kind to yourself and instill that positive energy rather than being negative. Telling yourself you’re going to be okay and to try your best regardless of the situation can be extremely helpful because, at the end of the day, grades don’t determine who you are as a person or your self-worth. Always try to keep yourself at bay and do something fun for yourself or enjoyable because you deserve it. Yes, you are a student who has a lot on your plate, whether that be extracurriculars, a job, an internship or just acclimating to the workload you have, as we tend to forget we are at a rigorous, but wonderful institution. 

Hopefully, you are all implementing some form of self-care, either through physical activity, mental health checks, or fun grooming choices like a 10-step Korean skincare routine you just found scrolling through TikTok. For the readers, remember to study well for your exam but don’t overwork yourself to exhaustion; you got this and don’t stress too much. Have a great week, and hopefully, you all ace your midterms.  

Ana Gonzalez

UC Berkeley '26

An undergraduate at Berkeley studying English and intended ppl minor! I love to dance, hang with friends, enjoy photography and other fun activities:)