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For years, UBC Students have been fantasizing having a Fall Reading Week. Seven days off to avoid the stress of the post-midterm season and breathe for a second before more midterms and finals start. Here is what HC UBC’s members would do if they had a fall reading week:

1. “I would love to have the extra time to catch up on assignments and readings before midterms.”

2. “I’d use the time to catch up on some rest amidst the craziness of midterm and flu season together so that my health is taken care of as I get through all my exams and assignments.”

3. “Coming back to school after 4 months of summer could be hard to adjust to, so it would be nice to have the time to not only catch up with work but also to take care of my physical and mental health as well as maintaining a healthy social life.”

4. “I would love to go hiking or just go out for a couple of days before spending time catching up with both assignments and my favorite TV Series. “

5.  “Yes! I’d probably actually do reading.”

6. “I would love to have a week where I can sleep in late, catch up on my favourite shows, and go out for food with my friends!”

7. “A fall reading break will definitely be a breather to figure everything out, prepare for the midterms and socialize!”

 If you are interested in making your opinion be heard, attend the AMS’s town hall discussion about the fall Reading break on Tuesday, November 20, at 4 PM in the Lev Bukhman Lounge.

The link to the event can be found here.


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Andrea is a third-year student at UBC majoring in Human Resources and Business Technology Management. Andrea loves running, hikes, romantic comedies and exploring new places. She is looking forward to sharing so many ideas, thoughts, and opinions on the Her Campus platform. 
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