5 Ways to Deal With Anxiety in College

As the semester winds down, college can become more and more stressful because assignments start to sometimes pile up on each other and there is less time to get some of your grades up. College brings so much stress that it comes sometimes cause students to start experiencing anxiety. A study showed that anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues for college students. Since I have been in college, I can say that I have had anxiety sometimes to the point I have had panic attacks. Having anxiety can be a difficult thing to deal with but there are some ways to help combat that anxiety while in college.


1. Mediate

Mediation can sometimes be the best way to deal with anxiety. I didn’t realize how helpful mediating could be until I actually started taking medication seriously.  Just taking a moment sitting in silence breathing in and out of your nose can definitely help you calm your mind and kind of forget everything that is happening around you. I would also say combing meditation and yoga is also extremely helpful.


2. Accept Your Anxiety

I know we always want to overlook our flaws sometimes and focus more on our strengths, but pushing away our flaws is not going make them go away.  I use to pretend that I didn’t have anxiety which made it worse when I did start to experience it. Embracing your anxiety will make you more able to control it and know when certain things trigger you instead of pushing it away. Accepting that you have anxiety sometimes can make it easier for you to understand that no matter what you can overcome it.


3.Take It One Step At A Time

Just like that old Jordan Sparks song, which is 10 years old now, it best to take things one step at a time. If you wake up every morning worrying about what you have to get done and what you need to do it can make your anxiety worse. It’s best to try to enjoy the day and if you don’t get everything you need to do done,  just realize there is always a brand new day to caught or finish up on things.


4. Connect with Friends, Professors, and Family

The worse thing to do is deal with your anxiety alone. Connecting with friends, family or even professors allows you to know and feel that you have a support system. Having a support system allows you to confide in others and it makes you feel that you are not alone in the situation and sometimes you might find that others have gone through or are going through the same thing you are.


 5. Don’t Let Your Anxiety Stop You From Living Life

There have been plenty of times where I have let my anxiety get in my way of enjoying life and I have regretted letting my anxiety get that bad. Now, I have learned that letting anxiety stop you from enjoying life just makes you feel worse. Learn to enjoy every aspect of your life the good and the bad. I know that it is easier said than done, but taking baby steps and learning to stop worrying about every little thing, which makes your anxiety even more intense. Do not let your anxiety define you as a person know that you are much greater than your anxiety,