The Progression of Being Overwhelmed: Grad School Edition

We’ve all been there, lots of papers, upcoming deadlines, the pile of worky things and school worky things just stacks up, research papers, programs to plan, meetings to attend, emails to sift through, and then the feeling of being overwhelmed sets in.

At first you’re going through the motions like:

Then you realize the pile adding up. You begin panicking.

Next you go through denial:

Which then leads you to a method of coping:

You, at least, wait until the weekend of the week you’ve been feeling overwhelmed. Because, obviously, you need the time during the week to try to be productive, fail, and continue to feel overwhelmed.

The night begins and you head downtown, ready to figuratively “go hard in the paint.” On the inside you’re just like:

You’re doing great until someone brings up “responsibilities.” (Seriously, why?!)

To which you respond with:

The rush of emotions you feel leads you to the most questionable decision, to go to the Buck. Of course, the Buck. But you don’t dance like a normal human being because you’re basically turning into your mom on the inside. So you dance like this:  

At the Buck, you are again reminded of your responsibilities (WHY?!)  and find yourself sitting on the bathroom floor crying because adulting can be hard sometimes.

Luckily, you have pretty great friends who do their part in supporting you through this difficult time in life, otherwise known as grad school: