I Started Sunrise Yoga & Here's How it's Going

“You know, they say that once you get past the third week of doing something, it will become a normal part of your routine” my roommate said to me as we made our brisk walk to Half Acre last Monday morning. The cold walk that we took to the gym after waking up at about 6AM had become a ritual for us. Why? Because we decided to try out sunrise yoga. Coming back to UW for the spring semester, I held one goal in mind: keep my overall health the best that it can be. I considered creating a daily running or walking routine for when I got back but wasn’t sure how it would work out with my schedule. Luckily, my roommate had been interested in the yoga classes offered on campus and asked me if I would join her. I eagerly accepted her offer and the next morning we entered the rejuvenating world of yoga.

Quick fun fact: I have never done yoga before and I am definitely not a flexible person. The first week of attending sunrise yoga was a pretty intimidating and I wasn’t sure what all to expect. But in reality my worries were irrelevant as the environment of the studio in which the sessions are held is totally calming and the instructors are pretty chill people. I was slowly introduced to the various poses and types of yoga that are practiced. Plus, I got to watch the gorgeous sunrises every morning. However, this didn’t mean that every muscle in body wasn’t aching from being stretched for the first time ever. I quickly learned that patience is the essential key to yoga and was reminded of this fact every morning I dragged my aching body out of bed.

I’m happy to report that now, after finishing my fourth week of morning yoga sessions, I am no longer sore and do feel a lot stronger than I was before. I’ve found that attending these sessions really does improve my outlook on the day and I’m always ready to tackle the challenges ahead. In other words, going to Sunrise Yoga was one of the best decisions that I’ve made as it helps me stay on track to a happy and wholesome college lifestyle. If you’re considering participating in any yoga session on campus but maybe aren’t entirely sure about it, my advice is to just go for it. I’ve noticed many improvements within myself after just about a month of yoga and would highly encourage it for everyone else.


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