A Roundup of Our Writers’ Start of School Advice

You did it! You're all settled in your dorm room at university, you've tried the cafeteria food––to your delight or displeasure––and you've met your Community Leaders. Even though you might be feeling overwhelmed by all the newness, don't fret because you've come to the right place. Allow HC UVic to be your trusted advisor. As most of our staff writers are in their upper-years, they know a thing or two about this jubilant campus. 


We've broken down our advice into four basic categories to help make your university experience the best it can be. If you want even more advice or want to contribute your own ideas to an article, you can always message us on social media with your questions, or message the My First Year at UVic Facebook group––all of us have done it. 


Please enjoy this comprehensive list of advice from our team through the years!