I Went to a Personal Trainer for the First Time


The best way to start this is to make it very apparent that I am not a gym person. And by not a gym person, I don’t mean that I go about once a week and then do yoga the other 6 days. I just don’t go to the gym. Not a single day of the week, and I don’t participate in any other alternative forms of exercise. I also don’t plan on defending that as something cool or funny, to be completely honest, I’m just lazy when it comes to fitness. In every way, I dislike physically exerting myself. I wish I could say that I have, but I’ve never experienced the “high” or positive rush of feelings that others sometimes experience while working out. It also isn’t that I have never exercised in a serious sense. I was a competitive dancer all through high school and would train for multiple hours a day, sometimes up to seven days a week. When I graduated and stopped dancing, fitness was no longer part of my life and I still haven’t been able to pick it back up.


Recently I was given the opportunity to go to a personal trainer. I’m not sure what subconscious driving force from inside boiled up and convinced me to volunteer but nonetheless, a few weeks later I was lacing on my running shoes that I had long abandoned. When the time came to go to the session, above all else, I was nervous. I was scared that I would simply be advertising how unfit I had become. I was graced with genetics that in day to day life might give the appearance that I occasionally participate in exercise. I can pass as somewhat active. However, in a room with a personal trainer, I was completely stripped down and had nothing to hide behind.


It wasn’t long after meeting Shen that my nerves dissipated. She was high energy from the get go. When you’re around someone like that, it’s impossible for it to not rub off on you and I actually felt excited for the workout ahead. Something I really appreciated about Shen’s style was that I didn’t have much time to think or, more appropriately, overthink. She kept a fast pace, switching from exercise to exercise, all while gifting me with motivating compliments and encouragement. I soon realized that my biggest fear of being judged, was not going to happen. The energy Shen carried throughout the session was of sheer support and determination for me to get the most out of the time we had.




Nothing that Shen and I did was easy. Every exercise targeted a different part of my body. She consistently shifted the degree of weight to suit my abilities for each targeted area. If I had to pick one exercise that completely kicked my butt it would be the Y-T raises, in which you bend at the waist with loose knees, lifting the weights into the shapes of a Y (on either side of your head), followed into a downwards motion, and to a T (straight out to your sides). Even when I felt like I couldn’t possibly do anymore, Shen motivated me to complete 3 sets of 10. Though that was the hardest, there were also exercises that broke a sweat while also giving me a moment to breathe and recuperate before again moving on to something more challenging. My favourite exercise of the session was the Medicine Ball Slams. These are pretty much exactly what they sound like. You squat and when you bend your knees throw the medicine ball onto a mat, letting it ricochet back into your arms. This was the last exercise of the night and everything in me was ready to give up… but there’s something about throwing an object as hard as you possibly can that is just too good to resist.


I left my session with Shen that night feeling incredibly fulfilled. I had sweat inching down my back and a feeling surging through my body that I had long since forgotten. For a few days after my legs were stiff and walking was a bit more of a chore than usual. Even with that I ultimately felt inspired to find a way to incorporate fitness back into my life. Working with Shen I felt supported during exercise, something I didn’t know would feel so pleasing to someone that doesn’t workout at all. I would recommended Shen, first and foremost, to anyone like me. You’ve lost excitement and passion over keeping yourself healthy and need a little help getting your feet planted on a solid foundation. Secondly, to anyone that wants to breathe some new life into their workout routine or have a maintenance check on their technique. Shen works in Victoria B.C. through her budding business Shenthetics. There are few things I appreciate more than a strong woman building a strong business. If you yourself are interested in having a session with Shen her information can be found below.


Facebook: Shenthetics Fitness - Victoria

Website: http://shenthetics.com/services/