5 Lululemon Must-Haves

I am sure no one needs convincing that Lululemon makes amazing athletic wear, but as someone with a tight budget, I know it can be hard to convince yourself a pair of leggings is worth the money. After working for the company over the holiday season, I got to know the products quite well and see just how detailed-oriented the designers are when creating the clothes. They have so many great products—thus making it hard to decide what to get— which is why I’ve narrowed it down to five Lululemon products that are total must-haves.


1. The Align Pant


This was the first pair of Lulus I ever got, and they 100% got me hooked. This pant is made out of their Nulu fabric, which is crazy soft and has a naked sensation, so it literally feels like you’re not wearing pants! These pants are great for everyday wear, or maybe a yoga class, but anything more than that and you should be switching to a fabric that’s better equipped for higher intensity workouts. Get them here!


2. Anything Swiftly Tech

Lululemon’s Swiftly Tech line comes in long sleeve, short sleeve, and tank, which means you can get one for every season! These tops are made with Silverescent, which helps to prevent the growth of bacteria that make you smell, making it perfect for running, weight-lifting, and any other sweaty pursuits you love. Get the long sleeve here!


3. The Energy Bra


If you’re looking for the perfect sports bra, the Energy Bra is where it’s at. This bra is supportive, great at sweat wicking, and is made with a very comfortable fabric. It comes in so many colours and patterns, and with the crossing straps, it’s super cute, too! Get it here!


4. The Fast & Free Tight

This is by far my favourite pant they’ve made. It’s made with their Nulux fabric, meaning it has the same naked sensation as the Align pant, but it’s better at sweat wicking and has more of a smooth feel. These pants are going to be perfect for any high intensity exercise, and as an added bonus, they have pockets! What more could you ask for in a workout pant? Get them here!


5. The Non-Stop Bomber

Who said Lululemon can’t make cute outerwear, too? This jacket is not only adorable, but it’s also reversible—two great looks for the price of one! The Non-Stop Bomber will keep you warm and dry on rainy days, as it’s water resistant, too. Get it here!


So if you’re stuck on what to get at Lulu, start with one of these guys and you won’t regret it.  Now get out there and treat yourself!