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How Running Slow and Steady Adds Years to Your Life

The saying "slow and steady wins the race" apparently holds true whether you're a tortoise trying to win a marathon, or when you’re trying to win the race against time. According to a new study, running increases your life expectancy better than any other type of exercise.

If you're having flashbacks about having to run laps during gym in high school and think this is not for you, listen to this good news first. In order to reap in the life-prolonging benefits, you don't even have to run for very fast or for very long at all. The benefits are the same regardless of distance or pace or past health problems. All that matters is that you get moving consistently. In fact, the study shows that running about 2 hours per week is a good target (4 hours per week is around where the benefits plateaued).

According to the report, one hour of running adds 7 hours onto your life. The one caveat, the benefits don't add up forever. You can only add an extra 3 years to your life, but you can drop your chances of premature death by about 40%. But whether you're a newbie or you're already hooked on the so-called "runner's high", this is one more great reason to lace up and hit the concrete. Regardless of your experience or feelings towards this type of workout, here's a few tips to making your journey to a longer life a bit more fun. See you on the road!

Splurge on a cute outfit

Athleisure has taken over Instagram and runways this year. So why not put the athlete back in athleisure, and treat yourself to a nice workout outfit to get you motivated to get outside (or hit the treadmill)? Better yet, try using the new outfit as a reward for having completed a certain amount of runs during the week or the month.

Make a great playlist

You can make your own in advance or you can turn to science, and use apps like  Cruise Control to regulate and synchronize the music to your footsteps. Either way, a killer playlist will keep you pumped up on your way to a longer life.

Grab a friend

Everything is better in pairs, socks, kittens, Kit-Kats, and yes, even running. Running with a friend will make it more fun, and keep you motivated to maintain a good pace, and to actually remember to get outside.

Get chased by zombies (or aliens)

Okay, fake zombies and aliens. But, if you need a little extra motivation then try out apps like BattleSuit Runner Fitness or Zombie, Run!, which can turn just plain running into a simulated game. Use the apps to kick zombie butt, and calories all at the same time.

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