Ways to Stay Active in Sandy Hill This Summer

1. Buy a gym membership
Gym memberships are cheap in the summer for students and they allow you access to the pool in Monpetit. Staying in the city this summer doesn’t have to mean sacrificing swimming hours!

2. Join a class
In addition to getting a gym membership for the summer, you could look into what classes the sports centre has to offer. You could try spinning, kickboxing, or yoga and have a new skill to practice (or a new way to de-stress) once school starts again. Here is the link to check out what programs will be offered here over the summer!

3. Find a walking buddy and stroll along the Rideau Canal
I’ve been in Ottawa for years now and know very few people who actually take advantage of the beautiful canal in the summer time. It’s a gorgeous walk (or run) that offers a change of scenery from your regular routes! Running or walking solo can be great to blow off steam, work up a sweat, and find some peace of mind.

4. Strathcona Park
This is a great outdoor space that is right next to all Sandy Hill residents! You can bring a yoga mat and do some yoga and stretching outside, take advantage of the baseball diamond and open field space for other activities, or run along the river. The park is located at the end of Osgoode Street and Somerset Street E., opposite campus. A bridge was recently put in between Sandy Hill and Vanier, so you can walk or run on both sides of the river now!

5. Gatineau Park
All I can say about Gatineau Park is go, go, go! The options are limitless: bike, walk, run, explore! It’s scenic, peaceful and there are multiple trails and lookouts to tackle. Perfect for when you need a great big breath of fresh air. Don’t forget to wear comfy shoes and a bottle of water.


SourcesCover, 1, 2, third image credited to writer Megan Woolfrey