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Top 13 Her Campus U Ottawa Articles of 2013

The year 2013 is sadly coming to an end, but we are excited for what 2014 has to bring! Before we embark on the New Year, we’d like to take a look back at some of the most popular on Her Campus U Ottawa this year. If you missed some of them, now is your chance to catch up!

1. 30 Signs You Go to U Ottawa

Haven’t read this article yet? Where have you been all semester!? This article spread across Ottawa like wildfire and is a must-read for all U Ottawa students!

2. Swallowing the Truth: The Many Benefits of Semen for Women

Have you heard about the growing trend of using semen in beauty and food products? It may sound disgusting , but check out the article to learn about the benefits of semen to your beauty and health. You might be surprised!

3. U Ottawa Bucket List

HC U Ottawa has compiled a list of all the things you should do in Ottawa before you graduate. You only have four short years in the city, so make sure you take advantage of everything it has to offer! Skating on the Rideau Canal anyone?

4. Nine Guys You Will Meet at U Ottawa – Harry Potter Edition

We all stereotype the boys on campus into certain groups: the frat boy, the jock, the nerd…but here is a list with a magical twist!

5. Fourth Year Apathy As Described by Everybody

If you are a Fourth Year student, you might be losing steam right about now…Remember that you are not alone!

6. The 5 Roommates You’ll Have in University

Crazy roommates come in all shapes and sizes. Does your roommate fall into one of the categories on our list?

7. Best Places to Get Frisky on Campus

Looking for ways to spice up your sex life? We’ve heard rumours that many people like to get frisky in the Morisset Library.

8. Trading Sex for Marks: Would You Do It?

Would you hook up with your Prof or TA if it would get you a better grade? Find out what some U Ottawa students had to say about the topic?

9. 14 Amazing Things to Keep You Happy During Exams

HC U Ottawa had your back during exam season this winter! We are so glad they are finally over, but if you still need a little pick me up, here are a few of our favourite things that keep us happy during the winter.

10. UO App: How to Survive Ottawa’s Bone Chilling Winter

Winter is in full swing in Ottawa and definitely here to stay for a few more months! Be sure to read our tips on how to survive this crazy weather.

11. She’s Just Not That Into You

It turns out we have a pretty large male audience at Her Campus U Ottawa! Here is an article directed at the boys. Learn about some of the things that boys do that drive girls crazy… in a bad way.

12. Let’s Talk Va-Jay-Jay

Too embarrassed to discuss personal grooming with your friends? Be sure to read this article to learn all about pubic hairstyles. The possibilities are endless…

13. The Paquette Brothers

Our most popular Campus Cutie this year was a brotherly duo. Click the link to find out what these cuties look for in a significant other.

All caught up now? Comment below to let us know your favourite article on Her Campus U Ottawa this year!


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