UOttawa Bucket List

Ottawa is a pretty fantastic city. We’ve got big city lights with a small city feel. We’ve got plenty of stuff to do, no matter what time of year. And, for most of us, we are living here for 4+ years. So why not make those 4 years count? The Her Campus U Ottawa team has come up with a bucket list of things you can do around Ottawa! Tell us which ones you have done or are planning on doing. Or, add your own things to the list!

1.     Pull an all-nighter in Morriset library.

2.     Join an executive or a team/club.

3.     Go on an exotic trip during October reading week with your friends.

4.     Check out the view from the top of FSS.

5.     Enjoy a hot dog from the hot dog guy.

6.     Watch a Gee-Gees sports game.

7.     Browse Benjamin Books

8.     Enjoy a $2 beer from Toonie Tuesdays!

9.     Eat breakfast at Father’s and Sons extremely hungover.

10. Enjoy a 10$ pitcher of beer or Sangria from la Maison.

11. Ride a double-decker bus (and sit at the very front on the second level!)

12. Eat at Zak’s diner after a long night out.

13. Grab a sandwich from La Botega.

14. Eat your heart out in Beaver Tails.

15. Eat Smoke’s poutine.

16. Enjoy a donut from Suzy Q donuts (on Wellington)

17. Dance all night for free at Babylon Nightclub on Sundays.

18. Enjoy an amazing coffee at Planet Coffee.

19. Skate on the canal.

20. Go on a tour of Parliament.

21. Bike-ride down the Rockliffe parkway.

22. Go to a Sen’s game.

23. Go to one of Ottawa’s MANY open mic nights.

24. Go to one of Ottawa’s MANY museums (for free) on a Thursday.

25. Go see a comedy at Absolute Comedy.  



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