Helpful Tips For Someone Who Is Starting To Run

Running outside is the cheapest form of exercise, you really dont need any equipment to make the most of it, just put on your running shoes, your earphones if you want to listen to anything and go outside and do it. Its a great form of exercice, its cheap and ANYONE can do it, you just need to go outside and run. But if you have never run it can definitely be daunting or you will want to hit those long distances right away. Unfortunately with running you will want to gradually build up, this way you can avoid injury and you can ease into running and actually enjoy it. 

Here are some tips to help you get started if you would like to start running, especially since marathon season is creeping up.

1. Be Realistic

You need to be realistic with your goals, you can’t say that you want to be able to run a 10K in just a few short weeks if you have never run before. You also need to be realistic with your schedule, if you can’t run 5x a week then don’t make that a goal, aim for 1-3x a week if you're starting out and then build up if it is something you want to do. 

2. Start Slow

Your first few weeks of running should be focused on getting used to being on your feet. Meaning that you should spend your first few weeks of running alternating between running and walking, do not start by just running especially if your starting from scratch because you will tire easily and get frustrated. If you start slowly you will not only get used to the feeling of running but you will also get better at breathing during your runs which is very important for not cramping. You will also learn what kinds of foods to eat before your run that will cause you less discomfort during your runs. There is definitely a learning curve when your first starting out of little things that you do not realize can impact your run but certainly do, so if you start slow you allow yourself to overcome certain discomforts. 

3. Try to find someone who will run with you

Its always more motivating when you have a friend with you holding you accountable, you can enlist a friend who has also never run before because then you will motivate each other and encourage each other on this new journey, or you can enlist a friend who is more experienced with running and can help you overcome any obstacles. You can also join running groups, you can find people who are at the same level as you and make you feel more relaxed.

4. Be Patient

You need to remember that it will take a few weeks before you start feeling a progress with your running, it will take time before you can run without needing to take walking breaks and running becomes comfortable. Don’t get discouraged if you dont feel like your making any progress, just keep going and you will see progress, you will notice that you can run longer and faster than when you first started. Also remember that even though consistency is key, if you miss a day its okay it won’t make or break your progress. 

Remember that even trying to go out on runs is a huge accomplishment, don’t get discouraged and be patient with yourself. Don’t forget to take rest and recovery days. Just think of how good you will feel one day when you look back at the few months, even year that you have worked hard and see how far you have come.