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5 Reasons to Love Carbs

Carbs: the love-hate relationship many collegiettes have that never ends. Thanks to years of regurgitation by everyone and their mom on the weight-loss nemesis that is carbs, we can’t help that niggling of guilt when chowing down on our delicious plate of pasta. In recent studies however, carbs have climbed back into dieticians’ good graces (not to mention there is the new axis of evil: salt, sugar, and sitting).

In case you’re still wondering if you should go on a low-carb diet/carb ban, here are 5 reasons why you should kick that carb guilt to the curb like last week’s garbage.

1. Carbs are omnipresent.

Seriously, veggies, grains, seeds, milk, fruits, and nuts are all carbs.1 Are you really going to avoid them all?

2. Carbs help you be a warrior.

The average adult should try to make 45-65% of their total daily calories intake carbohydrates.2 There are many reasons why we need so much of it; carbs are our main source of energy, they help reduce our risks of heart diseases, and eating the right carbs can even help us lose weight.3

3. To repeat, carbs can help you lose weight.

No really. It’s all about choosing the right carbs. New research shows that “swapping refined grains for whole grains may help reduce total body fat and belly fat”. 4 Also, since good carbs are high in fiber (which improves digestive functioning), choosing that whole wheat bagel over the glazed donut can help you reduce bloating.5

4. Carbs can improve your memory.

Is there any better news for collegiettes? Your brain requires glucose to do incredible acts like memorizing materials for your next exam and you can get that much needed glucose from carbs.6

5. Carbs make you happier.

It’s not just your imagination, recent studies suggest that carbs might have a hand in promoting the “production of serotonin, a feel-good brain chemical”. 7

Enjoy those carbs ladies! And hey, next time someone talks about carbs like it’s the devil, (kindly) shove this article in their face.


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