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Post Spring Break Tips: Getting Back into School Mode

For students, spring break is a beautiful escape from the seemingly endless cycle of midterms. We get to enjoy an entire week with friends and family either at home or in a warm climate far away from the icy Michigan winter. As much as we love the much-needed break, it can be distracting and interfere with our consistent school routines.

Here are some tips to help you get back on track during these first few weeks of March!

1. Get Organized

You’re probably used to the go-with-the-flow vibes from your vacation, so it can be difficult to find the motivation needed to jump back into a full week of classes. Take some time to compose your schedule in detail to ensure that you will be on top of all of your assignments, activities, meetings and any other commitments you may have. This will guide your smooth transition back into school mode. Placing sticky notes on your walls, mirrors, desk or in notebooks is another cute way to remind yourself of upcoming tasks. Use bright colored stickies and thick markers to grab your attention!

2. Sleep

It’s extremely likely that you didn’t stick to your normal sleep schedule over spring break and that’s okay! Apps like Sleep Calculator can help you re-enter your sleep regime by providing suggested times to go to bed and wake up, in the interest of hitting an optimal amount of sleep cycles. This tool will help you reach a balanced sleep cycle, which will help you pay attention in class longer!

3. Eat Well

During your first week back from spring break, it’s important to fuel your body with adequate protein and vitamins to make up for all of the junk food you’ve probably consumed. As tempting as protein bars may be, try to avoid this easy grab and go meal. Instead, make plans with your friends to cook a healthy meal together. If you plan to be healthy with your friends, you are more likely to follow through with your goals!

4. Exercise

You probably took a hiatus from your exercise routine over spring break. It can be tempting to plan a killer workout right away to make up for the lost time over break, but this is not a good approach towards your gym gains. In order to avoid injury, make sure to ease back into your exercise routine. If you’re feeling extremely unmotivated to work out, ask some friends to go with you. Having workout buddies is definitely an effective incentive!

Following these four basic tips will help you optimize your transition over the next few weeks. Although some of this advice may seem obvious, you must remind yourself to keep up with it more than you may think because readjusting back into school mode can be difficult. It’s important to remember that balance and consistency are your friends right now!


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Alexa Di Luca is transfer student at the University of Michigan, studying communications. 
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