Five Ways to Destress During Exams

With midterms coming up, students often find themselves under a considerable amount of stress. Actually, I am basically always under a considerable amount of stress. (What’s sleep? What’s a social life?)

It may seem nearly impossible to find any way to calm down when you constantly have stuff to do. But, having some good old fashion--to put it in middle-aged soccer-mom terms--“me time” is important. Here’s a list of ways to de-stress that are guaranteed satisfaction (or your money back):


1. Take a bath.

It’s important to just chill sometimes. Close your eyes and release all of the stress of the day. Don’t have a bath at your dorm? No problem! Just go to Meijer or the nearest Wal-Mart and buy a baby swimming pool! Also, you can substitute the water with anything, really! (Pudding, mashed potatoes, Jello, etc.) This leads me to the next item on the list…


2. Eat!

Go out to Ben and Jerry’s and shovel ice cream into your face. Lactose intolerant? There’s dairy-free options there! On a diet? Who cares! Let loose once in awhile.


3. Listening to music is a great escape from the stress of school as well!

(As long as you’re not listening to, like, Nickelback or something.)


4. Look at memes!

I find this always relaxes me, knowing that there is some good in this world.


5. Exercise! 

I would recommend doing yoga, but when I went to my first yoga class a few weeks ago, I found that it did everything but relieve my stress because I am so out of shape and not flexible and hate exercise in general. BUT for those of you who find exercise calming, go for it!


Good luck to those of you who haven’t taken your midterms yet! Try to find a little time to destress and take a break from the homework you may or may not be drowning in.

Images courtesy of: Giphy, Tumblr, GagFm, iFunny.