Alli Johnson & CHAARG

Sticking to a workout schedule as a college student is arguably one of the hardest things do while trying to balance all of our other obligations. Junior Alli Johnson understands the struggles we endure in trying to find an entertaining and efficient way to keep our bodies healthy. That’s why she is extremely involved with CHAARG, a new organization on campus that's geared toward helping young women stay healthy:

Her Campus: What is CHAARG?

Alli Johnson: CHAARG stands for Changing Health Attitudes and Actions to Recreate Girls. It’s a women’s health and fitness organization. It started at Ohio State University last year. It’s at five schools now. We have almost 100 girls in the organization on campus.


HC: How did you hear about CHAARG?

AJ: I heard about it through an e-mail to all of the sororities. They also post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest all the time so I always saw them around.


HC: What made you want to get involved with CHAARG?

AJ: I love fitness and working out. I especially like doing them with other people, so I’m glad I got to meet people that will actually run with me!


HC: Do you have a position in the organization?

AJ: I’m the Event Coordinator. I plan the main events by contacting the fitness instructors in the area, and get them to volunteer their time on Wednesdays from 6-7 p.m. They come to a designated area on campus and lead a workout in whatever their area of expertise is, like Zumba or Yoga.


HC: Why would you encourage other girls on campus to get involved?

AJ: It’s a great way for girls to meet other girls who have the same fitness goals. It can help motivate you and make new friends. You also get to try new workouts every week!


HC: How big of a time commitment is this org for you and in general?

AJ: In general, it’s about 2 hours a week. For me, most of the work was done over the summer, so it’s about the same. Maybe an extra hour because we have an executive board meeting.


HC: Do you have any competitions between our organization and CHAARG at OSU?

AJ: We’re actually hoping to have some sort of competition before the OSU game, whether it’s just running or logging workouts. It’s definitely going to be something, though!