Y'all Need To Stop Sleeping On Rosie Graham's Workouts

It's getting warm again! Which can only mean one thing: We’re all going to log onto YouTube, find our old pals Chloe Ting, Vicky Justiz, and MadFit, struggle through their workouts, and ultimately give up (whether it was 5 minutes in or 3 days later, we’ve all done it). In my opinion, the problem with these videos is that these women are already “in shape”. So they’re not sweating! Or swearing! Or wishing they were dead! In fact, they’re smiling. And all the power to them, seriously, but sometimes I just want something a little more realistic. That’s where Rosie Graham comes in.

I stumbled across Rosie Graham’s first video on her weightloss journey around a year or so ago, and I just loved how real she was about it. She wasn’t a super popular YouTuber, so she wasn’t trying to promote anything or pretend she has the “secret”. It was literally just her in front of a camera, and she genuinely shared everything she did, no gimmicks. Because of that, I felt more compelled to trust her, and her advice has definitely changed my habits and life in general. She really jump started my fitness journey, and so she has easily become my favorite fitness YouTuber.

YouTube homepage Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

Like I said, she’s real, and so are her workout videos. She has created so many different plans to follow, which make her workouts that much more accessible and customizable. But more recently, she blew up on TikTok for her “New Years 30 Day Workout Challenge” (which is also my favorite series she’s done so far). It consists of 13 videos that are each meant to be followed on specific days of the week, and they will leave you feeling absolutely amazing. I mean, after they’ve kicked your butt first, of course.

But honestly, the best part about Rosie’s channel is that she does the videos with us. I’ve never seen anything like it before, but she takes breaks and runs out of breath and struggles, just like us. She isn’t embarrassed to admit that she wants to give up, which makes it that much more motivating as a viewer. There’s a sense of solidarity once she’s pushed you to finish the whole workout, like yeah, it sucked, but look at us! We did it! 

Workout partner Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

So, while there truly is no wrong way to go about a fitness journey, I think Rosie Graham’s videos are the perfect place to start. They’re made to fit your lifestyle, whether you’re just starting out or looking for some variety in your existing workout routine. So put on a cute set, grab your water bottle, and go do a workout that finally works for you!