Spin Class As Told By Michael Scott

Exercise is important. Sometimes it’s easy to push it off and not go to the gym, but the best way to make sure you go is to sign up for a class. Spin class is hard work and completely worth it, but there are so many phases of the workout. Michael Scott knows.

When you roll up to the gym, you’re feeling hyped. You can hear the music, it’s bumpin’ and you’re ready to do this. Let’s go.

And then you realize, you have no clue how to adjust the seat. And what does that red knob do?

But obviously you have to act like a pro. If you just start doing things, nobody will question it. It’s fine, this is normal.

And then the instructor walks in and changes the music… to a really bad remix of "What Do You Mean" that J Biebs himself would not approve of. So, you’re all like – how am I supposed to spin to this beat?

Then the first set of jumps comes in. You already know that your legs are going to burn, it’s going to be a long hour.

You feel like you’re getting into the swing of things and then the instructor decides to crank it up to double time, and you’re supposed to add resistance. SO. SWEATY.

The instructor suggests a break, and you’re all like – yes please!

But then they just keep spinning and nobody gets up to take a break so you look at them like the liar they are.

It’s 40 minutes in and you’re exhausted. Have you ever tried this hard at anything before? Probably not. This is insane.

But then before you know it, class is over and you didn’t die! Snaps for you!

And you walk out of that class feeling damn fine. Let’s be honest, that was incredible and you could practically teach your own spin class now.


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