How To Stay Motivated, Even When Your Gym is Closed

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced people to self isolate and stay quarantined within their homes. With little to no warning, all non-essential businesses in Massachusetts, and many other parts of the world, have closed their doors. This means salons, gyms, and other local businesses are closed in order to try and stop the spread of this highly dangerous and deadly disease. With the amount of change this time brings to everyday life and social activity, it can cause one to lose their routine, determination, and drive. 

However, this new way of living and what can be seen as the “new normal” doesn’t have to mean letting go of motivation and your hope to stay healthy, mentally and physically. 

Here are five ways you can take time for yourself, relax, or even get back to the grind, while moving at your own pace


Make A Goal 

The best way to stay motivated, especially when the world seems to be crashing down around us, is to make a goal for yourself! It can be an exercise goal, a diet goal, a mental health goal, or even an academic goal. Each day of quarantine, you can be focused on meeting your goal. This will help you stay motivated, determined, and driven, regardless of what is happening outside your door. 

Here are a few ideas you can work towards accomplishing by the end of quarantine: 

  • Be able to run a mile in a certain time. 

  • Improve your flexibility 

  • Learn a new yoga pose that has always challenged you. 


Turn to Instagram! 

hand holding cell phone with social media apps openAs the new year came, so did the rise in technology and fitness Instagram pages. There are numerous accounts of individuals sharing their light, guidance, and motivation on social media platforms. Not only do they show different indoor and outdoor workouts and conditioning sets, but some also include recipes for switching to a healthier diet and tips to stay motivated and humble, even in trying times like the one we are faced with today. 

Although their are numerous accounts, my personal favorite is @FitByKal on instagram! Be sure to check her out for good at home, minimal equipment workouts AND trendy, healthy, but extremely satisfying home cooked meals! 


Download TikTok

Although one may think of the new app TikTok as a platform for the younger generations, this is simply not the case. The app showcases TONS of new, short dance routines and fitness gurus doing circuit type workouts to upbeat music. 

If your looking for exercise, challenge yourself to learn and perfect one of the dances or complete the first circuit you see! Do whatever it takes to get your heart racing and adrenaline pumping! 


Get some fresh air 

Although you cannot go to gyms and other non-essential buildings right now, you can still head outside, soak up the sun, and indulge in the fresh air. You can sit in a lawn chair reading a book, head off on a few mile jog, or even go for a bike ride. The opportunities are truly endless. 

However, it is extremely important to remember to practice social distancing even when heading outside to blow off steam, get some exercise, or even to get a change of scenary. 


Online Yoga and Healing

I’ve noticed that there are many yoga studios posting live streamed classes on social media. Yoga is one of the easiest workouts you can do at your house. You have the comfort of knowing you are safe in your own home and you only really need a mat and some open space. I have also seen a lot of social media mediation and healing accounts that are offering virtual live streamed classes. These serve as a way to get in tune with yourself, focus on your breathing, and allow yourself to set aside some time for yourself. With the craziness of the world these days, it is important to be able to escape into your thoughts, relax, and get back in touch with your purpose! 

silhouette of woman doing yoga poseThese are some of the things I have been trying during the last few weeks and some of the trends I've seen becoming quite popular! However, if you see yourself lacking motivation or don’t feel like working out a day, it is OKAY. Just showing up, taking a shower, making your bed, or getting changed out of your pajamas is enough! It is important to remember that even small steps still bring us closer to the finish line. 

Be present. And most importantly, be patient. This too shall pass.