Fitness Fun: What's to Love About Blogilates

If you’re like me, getting motivated to work out is not so easy. So how do you make working out and staying fit fun? Watch some Blogilates videos. Blogilates, or Cassey Ho, is a certified fitness instructor and the creater of POP Pilates who has become a webstar. She teaches POP pilates classes and posts YouTube fitness videos as well--and it's blown up! She now has almost 3 million followers. Here are some things to love about Blogilates!



1. She posts workout videos on YouTube that are free and easy to access that can be done anywhere.



2. She keeps you having fun while being active. She does workouts like "song challenges."


3. Blogilates posts calendars for what workouts to do when, which is helpful for people who don’t like to think much.


4. She’s motivational & loves to share quotes & inspire you to keep going.


5. Her music/playlists are awesome!


6. She has cute merchandise & products as well.



7. She helps with clean eating, too! Here are a few recipes that she loves.


8. Lastly, she has a strong, dedicated fanbase called the "POPsters."


Now check out some of her videos & get to work!


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