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5 Races That Are Better Than Your Average Run

Spring break is over and we all know what that means… bikini season is officially right around the corner. Aside from the grueling thoughts of the homework that we have due in every class, now we have to try and squeeze getting in to shape somewhere on our long lists of “to dos.”
Although it may not be our favorite thing to do, getting in shape for the summer doesn’t have to be a thankless goal.  Training for a race is a great reason to get out of bed a little earlier each morning to fit in a quick gym session before class. From beginner levels to very advanced, here’s a list of races and mud runs that you might want to mark on your calendar:
The Warrior Dash is a great way to test out your mud running abilities. This 5K includes 12 obstacles to overcome throughout the race and it’s held in over 50 different locations throughout the world. After completion there is an after party for all finishers to celebrate.  Each participant receives a free finisher t-shirt, medal, and warrior helmet along with a free beer as long as they are 21 and older. The Warrior Dash is not only a great way to get active, they use their race to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital.
This race is perfect for the scary movie lovers and fans of The Walking Dead. The main goal during The Zombie Run is to outrun the zombies that will be chasing you throughout the 3.1 miles and 8-10 obstacles. Each participant starts off with three flags and the zombies will try to get them from you… if you finish the race without any flags, you lose. The added component of the zombies tests how fast you are willing to run in order to win. Whether you win or lose to the zombies, everyone gets to complete the race and celebrate during the after party where runners receive a medal, t-shirt and drawstring bag. The Zombie run also works closely with the Kennedy Krieger Institute in order to raise money for children that are fighting brain injuries.
The Electro Dash is more than a 5K, it’s a party! Instead of getting down and dirty in a mud run, this race distinguishes itself from the others with a DJ, neon lights, and black light arenas. Each participant receives a t-shirt, neon glasses, a glow in the dark tattoo and LED bracelet; the perfect race for any EDM fan or dancer. The Electro Dash also throws an after party unlike any other race because this after party requires dancing. If you want to try a unique race that doesn’t involve getting muddy, this is the perfect race for you. 
This race is the ultimate girly 5K race.  Instead of indulging in wine and cheese like every girl wants to on Girl’s Night, The Diva Dash is a perfect substitute. Obstacles of varying difficulties are set up throughout the course so that each participant can choose to make the race as easy or as difficult as they want. Tutus and rhinestone outfits are encouraged so each participant can use as much creativity as they want when deciding what to wear. Basically this is a diva’s dream.  If this is the kind of race that interests you, pack your sneakers and your lipstick and get running!
The Tough Mudder’s slogan, “Probably The Toughest Event On the Planet” says it all.  This race is 10-12 miles long and includes 20-25 obstacles depending on location.  This is the type of race that you cannot run alone… it’s team based and as the saying goes, there is no “I” in Team. The Tough Mudder is proven to be one of the hardest races out there statistically with only 78% of participants being able to complete it. 
This race requires true dedication and training as well as a great team to support each other throughout the duration of the course. After completion of this intense military designed mud run, each finisher receives a finisher t-shirt, a free beer (if 21 and older), an orange Tough Mudder headband and bragging rights. Besides for being one the best races out there, The Tough Mudder works closely with the Wounded Warrior Project in efforts to raise as much money possible for wounded military.
Even if you’re totally happy with your fitness routine, these races are a great way to add excitement to working out. Whether you are a novice or a serious athlete, finishing a race is one of the most exhilarating feelings out there. As a Warrior Dash and Tough Mudder finisher myself I can promise you it is all worth it.
See you on the course! HCXO!
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