16 Creative TV & Movie Workouts For Collegiettes

New Year, New Me,” is the motto for lots of us Collegiettes after the holiday season. While some New Year’s Resolutions die out in January, we hope yours are sticking! One common resolution in 2015 might involve feeling great in your body, and getting fit. Yet, some things are easier said than done...

So here’s a few tips for fun, creative workouts that you can do with friends or by yourself to keep you motivated through these blistering, winter months!

Here's a gif of T. Swift trying her hardest to win an arm wrestle to motivate you. Go Taylor, go you!

A great way to sneak in a great workout is by watching your favorite TV shows. Strange, I know, but we promise it works!

1. Here's a workout for all those PLL fans every Tuesday night! The jogging in this exercise will get your heart rate up, the sit-ups and leg lifts will help you work on your abs, and the wall sits will boost your leg and butt muscles. "10 squats every time someone receives a text"... good luck!

2. "Every time Damon makes a sexual joke, do 20 jumping jacks"... at least you're guaranteed to get a good workout in. This specific TV workout has awesome exercises that strengthen multiple things at once, such as "bird-dogs" that target your abs, back, butt, and hips. It also includes "burpees" which are an exercise that basically works every muscle in your body and allows you to burn more calories in a lot less time. 

3. Calling all zombie-fanatics, this one's for you. This workout includes "planks," which will help you tone those abs and help strengthen your back! You can also switch it up and do both side and front planks if you desire.

4. Y'all like ducks? At least with this TV workout, you get a break during commercials. It features "mountain climbers" which will work your abs, legs, and cardio all at once!

5. Up for a game? Coin flipping is easy, right? Well, think again...this workout isn't necessarily involving watching a TV or movie (unless you count The Dark Knight's Two-Face), but it could be fun to try. It's a bit more intense than the other ones shown so far, especially if you get tails. 

6. We all hate commercial breaks and now you'll hate them even more, but feel better afterwards! This workout also allows you to be creative with it because during a fitness commercial, you can do the exercise of your choice!

7. Have you listened to Fifth Harmony's bomb new album, "Reflection"?! Well if you haven't, get on it and get working! The beats will definitely help you get motivated. Listen here! This workout is awesome because you are able to get some punches in during Dinah's solos.

*cue Camila dancing*

8. Shout out to all those couch-potatoes, this one's for YOU! You don't even have to leave your lovely couch to do this workout. The "Cushion Crunch" is my favorite (even the name is cool!).

9. You're going to look so fetch after this workout! There are lots of jumping jacks in this workout so you can either work on that cardio, or you may choose to add your own spice to it and add a different exercise instead.

10. Anyone up for a love story? You'll be expanding your vocabulary with their Old English, while expanding those muscles at the same time! This movie workout features "bicycle crunches" and "superman crunches," which both work on your abs and are fun switch-ups to normal crunches.

11-13. Are you a Disney lover? These workouts below are for you. You can even sing along and work on those vocal cords while you're exercising all your other muscles!




14. You'll never want to see Liam Hemsworth's face again after this workout. (Wait, who am I kidding? Yes, yes you will.) May the odds be ever in your favor. 

15. No "horizontal running" for this one, okay? This movie exercise really favors the "kicks" by including"flutter kicks," "scissor kicks,"and "butt kicks," which you will really feel in your abs! Don't forget about the marching in place during the songs!


16. Wait, you spend all day and night on Tumblr, too?! This workout features "Russian twists," which will really help get your mind off of those unhealthy foods!

The best part is, if you don't like any of these, you can make up your own and work off those late night burritos. 

Good luck, Colliegettes! 

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