5 Reasons to Stretch Everyday

It seems funny now when we laugh about not being able to touch our toes, but in 30 years when we are all middle-aged, with kids to follow around or stuck in office desk chairs for hours at a time we won’t be laughing. Beginning a daily routine of stretching 15 minutes a day can improve your physical and mental health in serious ways. Here’s five of the best reasons why you should incorporate stretching into your life now.

1. Increases range of motion

Obviously. Increasing range of motion also decreases stiffness and slows the degeneration of joints. With more stretching comes less mornings waking up stiff and sore after a night out.  

2. Helps relieve post-exercise aches and pains

Ever feel like a grandma the day or two after a big workout? Stretching post workout keeps your muscles loose to avoiding tightening and shortening reflexes.

3. Reduces stress

Tight muscles hold tension, both literally and figuratively. Taking 15 minutes a day to stretch not only reduces the physical stress we put our body under, but it is also a good time to relax, find inner peace, meditate, etc.

4. Improves posture

You’ll thank me for this when you’re old and hunchback. Get stretching while you're still young! Stretching your lower back and chest is a way to improve standing posture and balance.

5. Makes you more limber so you can get your groove on on the dance floor

Think of all the wild dance moves you can pull out now that you’re stretched and ready!

Stretching before a night out is a win-win: you improve your dance moves and decrease your soreness the next day. Go hit the Bear Brew!

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