Release Your Primal Side With This Trending Yoga Practice

I admit that I am no yogi. My breathing is always off, I perform the moves too fast and the music puts me to sleep. Because of this, I was hesitant to try Buti at first. I thought that it was going to be no different from all the other yoga classes I have tried before. However, I am glad that I didn't let these thoughts stop me because I ended up absolutely loving Buti.

What is Buti?

Buti Yoga was founded by Bizzie Gold: a serial entrepreneur, wellness expert and motivational speaker. Gold founded Buti in hopes of creating a tribe of women that can empower and motivate each other. The word Buti is a Marathi Indian word translated to mean: "the cure to something hidden or kept secret." Buti incorporates primal movement, tribal dance and deep core engagement. Unlike traditional yoga, Buti is practiced at a faster pace and focuses on using movement to heal and bring out your inner primal energy.

What are the Benefits?

Buti uses The Spiral Structure Technique, a strengthening technique that engages all parts of your abdominal muscles. To activate these muscles, Buti uses spiral movements such as hip rotations. These movements result in lean and toned abdominal muscles. Besides strong abs, the spiral movements also serve to open our chakras. Chakras are the centers of the energy that moves inside us. There are seven chakras in total. Buti focuses on unblocking the first and second chakras to activate our sexuality, power and confidence. This leads to strengthening an awakening of the mind, for a whole new definition of strength and self-love. 

How Do I Join the Tribe?

The CRWC introduced its first Buti class this semester, taught by Denise Harder. The class is Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. in Activity Room 2 and is free for all University of Iowa students. If one day a week isn't enough, you can sign up for a monthly online subscription at the official Buti website.  A subscription costs $39.99 per month and offers you 200+ workouts and a new weekly workout. There is a free seven day trial to test out the subscription first. You can also subscribe to their #TribeThrive newsletter for no cost and receive a free workout as a gift.


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