How Yoga Changed My Life

Often times we find ourselves in a routine. The long days blend together, and the short time you find for yourself feels wasted. You want to do more, but the exhaustion stands in the way of your productivity. Without no outlet, the stress can become overwhelming. However, taking time to yourself, even for only an hour, makes all the difference.

I always heard about yoga but never thought it would be something for me. A group of strangers stretching in a hot room for an hour isn’t the most appealing hobby. But after trying it, I can truly say I could not live without it. I am an extremely organized person who thrives off a schedule. But I soon noticed I couldn’t keep up and realized I needed to find a hobby to mix it up. With a history in athletics, I figured I would challenge myself and try something new that still had an active element and found the perfect answer: yoga.

After going to a few classes, I found myself wishing I could go more. Turning off my brain and being fully aware of my body is such a satisfying feeling. I remember at the end of a particularly difficult class, the instructor told us to be present and grounded in our bodies. Taking the time to just notice the way you breathe or even just acknowledge how hard you worked during the class. That small moment made me realize how out of touch I was and that I needed to make an effort to invest in myself.

Month after month, I noticed that I stood a little straighter and held my head a bit higher. The stress that I felt after a long day seemed to diminish. And now a year later I can say that my mind, body and soul are working together rather than against each other. The physical benefits have made me more confident in my body, as well as helps the daily aches and pains. I am able to set personal goals for myself during each practice whether it’s poses, endurance or breaking mental barriers. Seeing the progress that I’ve made encourages me to challenge myself and see what else I am capable of.

Yoga has taught me how to live unapologetically. To treat myself and my needs as priorities rather than burdens. To live open and honestly and without regret. I have found something that allows me to be at peace with myself. Every ounce of sweat is a reminder of how hard I’ve worked to get to this point. It has taught me that the energy you put out reflects the energy you receive.

So why not put your best forward? Even if you are nervous to try, I encourage you to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Yoga is universal and may just be the answer you are looking for. Now take a deep breath in. A deep breath out. Thank your body, your mind and your soul. Namaste.  

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