6 Sources to Find Free Workouts

Are you ready to slay the gym, but have no clue what to do? Even the most savvy gym goer has days where they find themselves standing in the middle of the gym wondering, what do I do now? Have no fear because the internet has got your back. Below are six free sources that offer a range of workout routines so that you can feel better prepared on your next gym day.

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is what I refer to as the “Holy Grail” of workout routines. Pinterest offers a great variety of workouts with most of them accompanied by pictures or short animations that demonstrate the move. Also, if you happen to find a routine you love, just save it to your own workout board for easy access later.

2. Shape

From tabata (a type of high intensity interval training) using toilet paper to exercises that will teach you how to do handstands, Shape offers fun and inventive workouts. You can also subscribe to their newsletter for emails about new workouts and health tips.

3. Fitness

Sister magazines with Shape, Fitness is another great website for discovering a variety of workouts. With this source you can search workouts by category, making the website easy to navigate.

4. Mike Donavanik

​Mike Donavanik is a renowned personal trainer and fitness influencer. His YouTube videos offer shorter workouts, often between 10-20 minutes, that will still give you that burn you desire. Mike also serves as a great motivator and brings humor into the toughest of routines.

5. PsycheTruth

PsycheTruth is a Youtube channel that was introduced to me by a friend when I mentioned wanting to do more yoga. What's nice about PsycheTruth is the videos. They make it easy to follow along. Besides yoga, PsycheTruth also has workout videos for pilates, kickboxing and HIIT, as well as flexibility training and recovery.

6. Muscle and Strength

Muscle and Strength focuses on, surprise, building muscle and strength. I recommend this website if you like weightlifting or want to start lifting. Each workout has a summary that breaks down the process of how to use equipment that is supposed to be used, difficulty and the goal that workout will help you achieve.

These are only a few of tons of sources that offer free workouts. If you want to search for your own source, because you didn't like any of these or just want more, there are two things you should keep in mind:

Who made the workout?

Always choose workouts by someone who is trained in health and fitness. Anyone can put together a routine of exercises, but that doesn't mean the routine will be effective. A professional knows what parts are being worked and can put together a routine that won't harm your body.

What level is the workout?

Not all workouts list what level they are, so this can be tricky. The best way to tell is by going through the workout and checking what each move is and how many times you need to do it. While pushing yourself is good for improvement, pushing yourself too hard can be bad for your body. Don't be ashamed to say a workout is too hard for right now. You can even make it your goal to one day reach the level where you would be able to complete that workout.

I hope this helped take the guess work out of the gym. Happy workouts!

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