You're Not Alone: Celebrities Who Have Anxiety

If you’re one of the millions of Americans (about 40 million, to be exact) who suffer from an anxiety disorder, you can be sure that you are not alone. Though it may feel that way sometimes, many people are going through the exact same thing that you are, including celebrities. Though celebrities used to keep these types of personal struggles out of the public eye due to the unfortunate stigma attached to mental health, thanks to our generation’s move towards the acceptance of mental health struggles, rather than avoidance, it is becoming more common for celebs to step forward and admit that they have anxiety.

Here’s a list of a few celebrities who have publicly stated that they struggle with anxiety. Recognizing that you are not alone is huge, and reading about and watching celebrities make positive statements about anxiety can definitely help you feel connected, and even happier, in your own skin.



Though she has been able to perform at places like Radio City Music Hall more recently, Adele has admitted in the past that she struggled and continues to struggle with panic attacks and anxiety related to performing. However, after meeting the other queen of the music world, Beyoncé, Adele says that she channels her amazing confidence whenever she needs a boost: “What would Sasha Fierce do?”


Colton Haynes 

The actor and model, best known for his roles on TV’s Arrow and Teen Wolf, has been extremely open with his anxiety struggles, admitting on Twitter that he has lived with very intense anxiety since 5th grade saying, “I’ve quit jobs because of anxiety, flaked on social events, family gatherings, birthdays, important movie/work tests. It’s a serious problem.” As an outspoken advocate for many things, including gay rights and ending the stigma against those who suffer with mental health issues, Colton continues to use his platform as a celebrity for good, by making sure that those who are struggling, particularly with anxiety, know that they are never alone: 

P.S. Colton recently released a fantastic clothing line, including some quality merchandise for those who struggle with anxiety and for those who support them (I can personally vouch for the ‘anxiety crop top’ - It’s amazing!).


Emma Stone

The actress who is best known for her roles in major films like The Help, Easy A and The Amazing Spider-Man, has spoken quite often about her struggles with anxiety in her childhood and early 20s.  She says acting helped get her through her toughest times by allowing her to focus her attention and thoughts on craft, rather than on her anxieties saying, “You can’t afford to think about a million other things, you have to think about the task at hand.” The way Emma deals with her anxiety can be extremely effective for many people; doing something that you love when you start to get nervous, even something as simple as a movie marathon on Netflix or calling your best friend for a long talk.  Little things like this can help you to replace negative feelings with more positive ones. 


Zayn Malik 

The British singer, made famous by being an original member of the boy band, One Direction, recently cancelled a solo gig last minute at the Summertime Ball in London over the summer, citing the “worst anxiety of his career” as the cause. Zayn was extremely apologetic in a Twitter post that he directed to his fans after the cancellation of the concert. He stated that though he was so sorry to disappoint his fans who were waiting at the concert, he knew that “those who suffer anxiety will understand”. Obviously, Zayn was extremely unhappy that he had to cancel, but in doing so he proved that sometimes anxiety, just like anything else, can get the better of us but at the end of the day, it’s all about how you react to the things that you can’t control. By recognizing that he needed a break from performing, Zayn was remaining true to himself by looking out for his mental health, and that is definitely a great example to set.


Selena Gomez

Selena recently stepped forward to say that she is taking time off from performing, as she has been struggling with anxiety, panic attacks and depression, due to her lupus diagnosis. Lupus, which is a chronic illness with more than 200,000 U.S. cases per year, can include side effects like anxiety and depression. By speaking so openly about both Lupus and her anxiety, Selena is shedding light on these issues, allowing those who struggle with either (or both) to realize that above all, it is important to take care of oneself, mentally and physically.

One of the worst aspects of anxiety is how unbelievably alone it makes you feel. Over-burdened with problems, fear and sadness, it becomes almost impossible to feel understood. However, thanks in some part to celebrities beginning to step forward and admit that they too have anxiety, that they go through the same struggles that so many of the rest of us do on a daily basis, people who have anxiety are starting to feel a little less alone in the world. Everyone who suffers from anxiety is different, and though celebrities making these public statements may not impact everyone, if stepping forward helps even one person to feel less alone, and if it helps to inform the general public of the true nature of anxiety, it becomes a pretty amazing thing to do. 



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