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Alright, I think I can speak for everyone when I say this, muffins are amazing. Muffins are the perfect love-child between bread and cake. If you ever come across a person who doesn’t like muffins, and I mean ANY muffins, they simply can’t be trusted.

Unfortunately, eating muffins every bloody morning is generally frowned upon by the wellness community. That’s right, I’m talking to you, muffin shamers. Well, being the motivated and sweet-toothed gal that I am, I’ve worked myself right around this little problem.

That’s right ladies, I’ve put in the work (taste-testing an all) to find the most delicious, health-conscious, muffin on the market!

May I introduce, Soozy’s

Proceed with caution…the following content is sure to create severe muffin envy.

Here’s the quick and dirty. Soozy’s is a small team of seasoned bakers (you see what I did there?). They create, in all seriousness, highly addictive muffins that are grain-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and GMO-free. 

Some call it madness, after sampling their products, I call it DELICIOUS. 

We’ve ran various test trials and these are how the muffins ranked:

1. Banana Chocolate


  • Lighter when eaten at room temp, but more of a dessert when served warm
  • Perfect amount of moisture 
  • Chocolate chips aren’t overpowering, but they didn’t skimp out
  • Just enough sweetness to be perfect anytime of the day
  • Banana flavor is spot on and leaves a really great after taste 
  • Actually addictive? 
2. Double Chocolate 


  • Okay, this is definitely for chocoholics 
  • Very sweet 
  • Definitely more of a dessert muffin
  • When warmed in the microwave, it essentially becomes a chocolate cake!
3. Wild Blueberry



  • Recommend warming this one up some to release moisture
  • When served cool, it’s a bit more bread-like 
  • More of a bread texture with a little more crumble to it
  • Great for mornings or people who don’t like sweets/desserts 


Obviously, you can’t take my word for it. Go and try some for yourself and see what you think! (We HIGHLY recommend the banana chocolate served at room temp). Soozy’s has some secret projects underway, too. We can’t reveal it all just yet, but I will say that I had no idea maple donuts could be flipping healthy and heavenly all at once…

Should you need me, I’ll be napping underneath muffin wrappers.


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