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5 Ways to Incorporate Exercise into a Busy College Lifestyle!

Ever too busy to hit up the gym besides that awkward hour in the middle of the day after which you have to deal with putting on a whole new face of makeup after the shower? I feel you girl.  That’s why it’s necessary to include bits of exercise as well as some tricks in your daily routine so that you look a million bucks even without doing full blown hot yoga for 2 hours every day.

Here are 5 things that you can try to do to incorporate exercise into your daily routine!

1. Squat while you wait for the microwave to finish.Challenge yourself to look at the timer and do one squat a second. It’s the perfect way to get 60 quick squats in—and just think about it, the larger the snack you’re heating up is, the more calories it likely contains, and the more reason you should squat longer to earn it!

2. Suck in your stomach while you sit. It’s proven that just engaging your core muscles help them get toned. Dancers often contract their stomach muscles even when they’re not dancing, so that their erect posture and perfectly flat stomach is maintained.

3. Wear tight clothing and always opt for a belt. Wearing tight clothing forces you to be body-conscious—in a good way! You’re less likely to binge eat and you’re more likely to suck in your belly when around people. Those things all add up for a healthier you. Belts provide a helpful way of keeping track of your progress—if you go up a loop-hole after lunch that is acceptable, but if you have to loosen up by two holes, then it’s your belt telling you that you’ve been too gluttonous and to stop!  In addition, it sure feels good when you go down a notch, and as a reward maybe you can have a cookie. Or just buy your belts in a smaller size, as a challenge and a means of motivation!

4. Stand and walk around as much as you can, and never take the elevator. If you’re constantly on public transportation or live on the fifth floor or need to climb 6 sets of stairs to get to a class—stay standing on the train, take the stairs to your class, opt to walk the one mile to the restaurant near your house verses wait 30 minutes for a bus. It’s usually healthier, more cost effective (for a fund-strapped college student anyways), and often saves time, because you’re getting in your daily dose of exercise and making sure you’re not waiting for a bus that’s 20 minutes late due to rush hour (CTA, I’m looking at you).

5. Drink before you Snack. Often, when we are thirsty our brains will tell us we’re bored or hungry (strangely, but scientifically proven true), and we end up eating a snack or often two or three, when we would have felt satisfied with a glass of water. Whenever you feel yourself reaching for a cookie, drink a cup of water first to see if you’re actually hungry, or just bored and thirsty! Drink lots of water and have a water-bottle with you that is adequately large. The common saying is 8 cups of water a day, but in reality you should drink more than that if you’re a busy-body and want to stay hydrated. It’s also a great way to cut down on unnecessary eating and snacking. 

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