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5 Simple Things To Do If You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

We’re slowly getting back into the swing of uni (albeit a foreign, online version) and it is certain that you will feel moments of stress, if you haven’t already. Here are some ways to combat those feelings, along with a detailed effectiveness rating for each:

Go on a walk.

Effectiveness Rating: 70%

Mostly effective, but several instances come to mind when I got back to my house feeling worse than I did when I left; like the time I absent-mindedly walked past a place where I hung out with an old fling who realised I wasn’t quite what he was looking for, or came back home winded after barely an hour of slow-paced walking and realised how unfit I truly am. So, in short, avoid old haunts and keep reasonable expectations about your walking capabilities, and this could be the cure to stress you’ve been looking for!

Cook or order in your favourite meal.

Effectiveness Rating: 80%

Even more effective than walks imo, but avoid overdoing it to reap the most benefits.

Call a friend or family-member.

Effectiveness Rating: 90%

This method is as effective as your friends/family are at picking up your random facetimes. Ranting to a loved one, or even just having them on the phone as you each do your own thing does wonders.

Make some lists.

Effectiveness Rating: 95%

Great for people who like to plan ahead. Knowing exactly what’s coming up, with who, and when, is guaranteed to alleviate at least some of your stress.

Journal or talk to yourself.

Effectiveness Rating: 100%

Especially effective for all my people with trust issues. Maybe you don’t feel you can trust the people around you to really understand or empathize with what you’re going through. That’s where talking to yourself comes in- writing down your feelings as they come to you (or even literally recording yourself talking as if you’re talking to someone else) can be a necessary step in breaking down exactly what’s going through your mind and reducing some of the stress .

Ver-Se Denga

U Alberta '21

Ver-Se is in her 4th year of uni, studying Biology and Psychology and serving as Senior Editor of the UAlberta Chapter. She loves to read and can't imagine a world without Chimamanda Adichie in it.
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