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Barre Benefits

If you’re anything like me, you’re someone who is always on the lookout for that next best workout routine, exercise class, or any other magical trick that promises to give you that notorious J-Lo booty. Well ladies, alas…I just found it for you. “Where ballet barre meets yoga and pilates,” barre is a new workout routine that shapes, tones, lengthens, and tightens every muscle in the body from head to toe. This workout is a game-changer that promises results. Personally, after just two short weeks of going to barre I have noticed significant changes. Barre is dynamic and fun, making the hour-long class fly by. While the class is challenging, it is definitely doable for the even the most loathing of exercisers.

            I have found my own barre paradise at Barre 3 on Magazine Street. This studio offers a new member package that consists of 3 trial classes for only $30. Though I don’t see how this opportunity can possibly be passed up for us money-conscious college girls, the increasingly popular workout class is being held at a few different places close to campus. Romney Pilates and Pure Barre are two other studios located on Magazine that offer barre classes.

            Summer may be over, but this New Orleans heat isn’t giving up anytime soon. And, you know that means… the torturous days of maintaining bikini bodies and legs made for short-shorts are most definitely not behind us. For these reasons, you can find me at barre class. Where will you be?

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