10 Things You Can Do To Destress

1.     Make a list of things you are grateful for

This may sound cheesy, but when you are stressed or sad, it is best to remind yourself of what you are happy to have. Making a list of these things is a good way to unwind any time you feel overwhelmed.

2.     Create your own playlists and listen to them

Compiling your favorite songs one playlist allows you to have them all in the palm of your hand whenever you need them. Music is always a perfect outlet when it comes to destressing.

3.     Meditate

Giving yourself time to focus on your breath and to clear your mind, even if only for a few minutes, will truly calm you down. Phone apps like Calm and Headspace can direct your meditation.

4.     Go for a walk during daylight

Getting outside when it is sunny and taking a leisurely walk can have a tremendous impact on your mood.

5.     Eat cleanly

Eating healthful food like fruit will energize you and leave you feeling satisfied and refreshed.

6.     Find a book you enjoy and read it when you have spare time

Too often, we resort to social media scrolling during our free time, but that only adds to our stress. Reading a book for pleasure instead is the ideal escape.

7.     Call a friend or loved one

Simply hearing the voice of a person you care about will comfort you, and a call can be as short as one minute, ensuring you do not take too much time away from staying on task.

8.     Watch comedy shows or sitcoms

Laughter is the medicine for stress, and Joey Tribbiani certainly knows how to make you laugh.

9.     Take a short power nap

A quick nap (maximum of 30 minutes) will rejuvenate you and allow you to reset.

10.  Get a coloring book

Adult coloring books are the latest destress fad for a reason; sitting down and filling in lines with multicolored markers is strangely relaxing.