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I have always struggled with sleep for as long as I remember. Every tip & trick I have ever been given or seen, I have tried. Throughout my 20 years on this Earth, I have developed many habits that have helped me. These are just some of the best time routines that helped this fellow insomniac get some beauty sleep and some well-needed shut-eye.

I live by ZzzQuil Pure Zzzs Melatonin+Ashwagandha Gummies

These gummies have the nastiest taste ever unless people like berry-flavored things, which is one of the most hated flavors in medicine ever for me. However, despite the awful taste, I take one or two a night and sleep like a baby for at least four hours, which does me good enough to continue with my day.

I spray my bed every night with Dr. Teals Sleep Spray

This spray smells like lavender and has melatonin and essential oils, which relax me while I close my eyes to try to sleep. Since the spray has many different ways to use, I use it in the shower and on my bed, where I feel the most relaxed.

Sleeping in a cold room

A cold room is the only way I will have a peaceful night’s sleep. I will toss and turn and get mad if it is hot or stuffy. So I always have my fan on the highest setting and cover myself in blankets. I am bundled up in the comfort of the weight of my blankets on me.

One word: Blackout Curtains

Sadly, I am a light sleeper living in a busy nightlife city. Lights are always on. I need to sleep in pitch black, so blackout curtains from Amazon have changed my life. I prefer to sleep in such a dark room that I can’t tell if it’s morning or night.

Cuddling with my chihuahua – Gizmo

This last one is not always the most effective, but it makes me feel better. Cuddling with my dog helps me sleep better unless he hogs the bed. Then, it turns into the worst sleep of my life and his best. However, living in a different city, I don’t always have that luxury, so I have a weighted stuffed animal that does the job not as well as my chihuahua but good enough. The one thing I love about the weighted stuffed animal is that it doesn’t have body heat compared to my dog, so it is a better choice during the summer. No hate for my chihuahua, Gizmo. He is my baby.

Hi, y'all!!! I am Paola Hernandez I am a Junior at UT - Austin studying Public Relations.