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I Attended a Pole Dancing Class (And LOVED It!)

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“It was absolutely AWESOME I enjoyed it SO much,” I say whenever someone asks how my first pole dancing class was. A few weeks after school started, Sarah, one of the coolest girls I know, asked in our dorm hall group chat if anyone wanted to attend a pole dancing class on the 28th of January as a slightly early way to celebrate Galentine’s Day. And of course, I said, “YES YES YES” and bought one Drop-In ticket, all within probably 5 minutes. I was so so excited!


Sarah, Mary, and I met up Sunday morning, and drove to East Austin, where the wonderful VAMPS Dance Studio is located. When I stepped my foot into the studio, I just knew that I would fall in love with this sport – yes, sport! Pole dancing was officially made a sport in 2017 when the Global Association of International Sports Federation recognized pole dancing!


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After around 15 minutes into class, I realized that though pole dancing is fun, it definitely isn’t the easiest. I had to use muscles that I wouldn’t use during a normal workout. Overall pole dancing is a killer workout and trust me, I was so sore for a few days after class. The only really easy thing we did in class were the basic stretches before and after class, along with walking around the pole.


I honestly felt pretty good about myself when we started walking “sexily” around the poles. Okay, to be completely honest, I looked like I was constipated half of the time we were learning the dance routine, so I have absolutely no idea how professionals can look so freaking good while using every single muscle in their body. The pole twists, so other small routines were pretty easy once I started getting the hang of it.


However, there was this one move called the Horizontal Leg Fireman. I basically had to slide down the pole with one leg out. And yeah . . . Damn, it looked so easy when the instructor did it, but it was harder than I thought when I attempted the move! I literally had to use so much strength to hold my body weight up, and honestly it was pretty hard to feel “sexy”, especially cause I could see myself in the mirror making faces as if I was lifting an elephant on my shoulders.


Though some moves were challenging, I can definitely say that I enjoyed my first pole dancing class. After a while, I started feeling more comfortable with my body and I loved how the class itself was so carefree. The only rule was to enjoy yourself and have fun!


I honestly enjoyed the class more than I thought I would, and I would definitely love to go back and take more classes. It was not only a great workout, but also a fun and sexy adventure. I really, really recommend that people try out pole dancing–at least once! It’s so, so fun; please don’t be shy! I promise, you will not regret it! So, go get those booty shorts on and prepare yourself for a fun, mind blowing experience!


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Hanna is currently majoring in Journalism and minoring in Business and Asian American Studies. She is currently the Social Media Director and a Staff Writer for Her Campus Texas. After finding out that UT Austin's unofficial mascot, Matthew McConaughey, attended BTS's concert in Fort Worth, her goal is to run into Mr. McConaughey at the Communication building or ride the same elevator and have a full conversation with him about BTS. 
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