Final Stretch Stressed--Enough Said: LoFi Playlist Recommendations (Part 4: Fall 2020 Edition)

Well, would you look at that—we made it through another half-year of Covid pandemic! After all the stress and experiencing the online-everything learning curve, we all deserve a nice drink of choice and a lazy day. And I have the perfect lofi for the occasion ;3

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Disclaimer: These are all Youtube videos; You can check out the description box of the videos to get other media types (like SoundCloud, Spotify, etc.) of the artists and the Youtuber as well as to show your support!

  1. 1. Dreamy  

    Above the clouds ● lofi hiphop mix 

    Float with the clouds of dreams; hip-hop beats and beautiful light melodies have a bit of a nostalgic feel to the list.

  2. 2. Feardog Music 

    3:30 p.m. ~ lofi hip hop mix [study/sleep/homework music] | Chill Study Beats 📚 ~ Lofi Hip Hop Mix 

    I put these together because they’re both great variety mixes; just the right amount of relaxed productivity or productive relaxation 

  3. 3. Feardog Music 

     3:30 AM Eating ~ Lofi Hip Hop Mix 

    Eat time bgm overhead with a cute fox—there’s no other way to describe this playlist

  4. 4. Lost In Lofi 

    Shogun ☯ | Japanese Lofi HipHop Mix 

    Overlooking the valley below before ducking into the forest, where the sunlight shines through and the wind whispers in your ear; melodies with Asian instruments/instrument-synths 

  5. 5. Blurred

    A quiet winter. ❄️ (a chill christmas lofi mix) 

    Tucked near the fireplace feeling the warmth massage your stress away… Walking through the snow-blanketed forest with the crisp of frost in the air… Winter vibes; this playlist has a set of 10 songs that repeats (so for each song, you’ll hear it twice/thrice)

So once again: 

Relax--Get On Track--Pass Like That--Smile And Laugh

Social distance, but keep in contact!