5 Reasons Spring is the Best Season

  1. Flower power

    It’s officially tulip season!! *pause for applause*. Not to mention, peonies are also about to make their debut. I don’t know about you, but there are few things more sacred than mine and Blair Waldorf’s love of peonies. I want them in pale pink, hot pink, coral, and white. They can be fluffy, blooming, bloomed, in a bulb, in a bouquet, in a sink, on Pinterest, in a bike basket, and literally everywhere I look. I just can’t have enough! Apologies for the confessions of a flowerholic.


  1. April showers

    Splish splash. Winter left in a flash! Spring is especially fun because it can be rainy one day and perfectly sunny the next. These intermittent showers provide a change of pace and can actually be relaxing to fall asleep with. Haven’t you read the benefits of white noise? (OK, I haven’t either, but it’s definitely good for you). Plus, it doesn’t hurt that there are so many cute rainboots, umbrellas and jackets available to wear. The spring forecast calls for a splash of color and cloudy with a chance of polka dot. I personally love donning yellow rainboots and a pink raincoat with a striped umbrella in the springtime. But, there are endless patterns and combinations for you to play around with. For some reason, these months just seem like the most cheerful of rainy days!



  1. Iced coffee

    As much as I love a good PSL, there’s just something about iced coffee that puts an extra pep in my step. I’m currently on a cold brew kick, but considering trying something new. Any thoughts on iced Americanos? Either way, iced coffee is loved by everyone. Thanks Spring!

  2. Pretty pastels

    Oooooh. Easter is here and so are the pale pinks, blues, and greens that come with it. There’s just something about little kids in Easter dresses, decorated eggs, and soft, milky hues that make my eyes glaze over – in the good way! From blush pink and lavender to mint green and periwinkle, the colors of this season are just so dreamy.  

  3. Easy, breezy, spring clean

    Marie Kondo didn’t become famous for nothing. She’s not a Kardashian, people. She knows what’s she’s doing. So, my advice is to watch her feature on Netflix, and then get your life together! Organize, separate, color code, sort, repeat. Before you know it, you’ll be happier, less stressed, more motivated, and inspired. Spring cleaning is the perfect way to make this season the freshest, best one yet! So, hop to it!

Happy Spring friends!

- MK