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Five Ways To Change Your Workout Routine


Are you looking for new ways to change your exercise regimen? Do you enjoy challenging yourself? It’s easy to get in a workout rut, but that can easily be fixed! Here are some helpful tips to liven things up!

1. Switch it Up
There are many ways to achieve the same results. If you typically run on the treadmill for your cardio, try an aerobics class instead! Some people prefer working out in a group because it motivates them to keep going. Classes such as 30-30, Killer Kardio, and Water Aerobics are offered by the IBC and Pearson/McGonigle Hall. Check out the schedule here
2. Take it Outside
If you constantly workout indoors, it can get a bit stuffy.When the weather is nice try run on the outdoor track instead of the treadmill. The crisp air and warm sun are rejuvenating and refreshing, especially after being indoors all winter.
3. New Playlist
When was the last time you updated your playlist? If i’s been a while, switch it up and pick up the beat! It doesn’t have to be a specific genre. As long as the songs push you harder and make you go further in your workouts that’s all that matters!
4. Interval Training
Interval training is another great way to shake up your regular workout routine. You can burn more calories in a shorter amount of time by adding a few sprints during your run. Trying picking up the pace for one minute and then slowing down for 30 seconds. Next time around, speed up for two minutes and slow down for 15 seconds. Work up to a five minute sprint.
5. Check Your Goals
When was the last time you evaluated your workout goals? Is your goal still the same? Have you made any progress? If you haven’t, then maybe your current workout isn’t right and it’s time to add some changes to get you going in the right direction! 
It is always good to know different ways to change up your workout routine. Little adjustments can give you the push you need to workout that days, and help you reach your goals. What are some ways you change your exercise routine? Stay fitspired!
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