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Self-care can honestly be intimidating because it seems like it requires more time and energy than we often have as busy college students. The truth is, it is so much easier than you think to incorporate self-care into your everyday routine—in fact, you’re probably already doing it! All it takes to make an activity self-care is prioritizing your enjoyment and adding one secret ingredient to the recipe: a little extra love. Believe it or not, that can even happen during your study session or when making your own meal. Here are my favorite ways to seamlessly incorporate self-care into your daily routine with minimal effort but incredible pay-off. 


  1. Wake up with just enough time to enjoy the morning. Don’t confuse this with forcing yourself to wake up before the sun rises because sleep is precious. You deserve to follow your dreams—literally. Make some coffee, pick an outfit that makes you feel good, and don’t just rush out the door!

  2. No electronics until after breakfast—journal or read instead. It’ll help keep you on task from the moment you wake up, not wasting too much time scrolling or streaming so that you’re accidentally late to class!

  3. Make your bed! The most productive people start each morning by making their bed, so you should too, queens and kings!

  4. Have a favorite food or drink with lunch everyday to make a mundane meal more exciting. Personally, I keep my favorite sparkling water on hand so that I always have something to look forward to when I get home from class.

  5. Spend time updating your playlist or finding new music. This way, you never get bored of your daily bop session on your walk to the library. 

  6. Keep study snacks on hand. Use them to make homework more fun because we all know snacking helps get work done, right? ;)

  7. Light a candle or diffuse essential oils. This makes the best study atmosphere possible. When my environment is happy and clean, I’m so much more motivated to get work done.

  8. See a friend at least once a day even just for coffee. Meeting up with a friend for a quick lunch or coffee between classes makes the day so much brighter.

  9. Don’t study in the same spot everyday. Try a new coffee shop or foriegn on-campus building just to shake things up and keep it interesting. Once you’ve tried a few spots, you'll find a favorite and know where you get your best work done. I always have fun packing up a tote bag, walking to a new building, and settling into a study room for the afternoon.

  10. Go outside at least once a day. Walk around the block or just to class. Any form of movement boosts energy and mood.  

  11. Spend small moments doing things that make you happy! For me, that’s leaving time to DIY something, update my playlists, listen to my favorite podcast, or re-organize something in my room.

  12. Make your own dinner. Microwave mac’n’cheese will do just fine. The satisfaction of cooking for myself motivates me to get more work done, and it makes me feel like I’ve mastered new skills.

  13. Spend extra time on shower and skin-care routines. These are things we do every day that serve as time just for you! I love listening to music while I wind down, trying new products, and making shower/skin-care more of a ritual! This is absolutely the easiest way to incorporate self-care into everyday life.

  14. Facemasks, moisturizer, hair care, don’t stop there! I love a good facemask while I journal or finish homework. I still feel like I’m getting stuff done, but my pores thank me for the extra love.

  15. Journal/read/Bible before bed, and don’t spend too much time on electronics. Definitely give TikTok a scroll and like a few pics on Insta, but limit yourself so you don’t accidentally stay up till 3:00 a.m! (Been there.)

  16. Watch one episode of your favorite show in bed. I know I just said less electronics in bed, but I think one episode of “Friends” counts as self-care for sure! I know that after a day of homework and meetings, Netflix is calling my name, and it’s totally earned by the end of a busy schedule.

  17. Call home. Remember how much your family wants to hear about your day even if it was super boring. Talking to my mom and dad always makes my day, so I highly recommend taking a moment of the day just to chat with them.

Natalie Deptula has loved writing for as long as she can remember including middle school book reports, AP Literature class, and penning poetry in her free time. Her true love for writing was fostered by some incredible English teachers in high school who gave her the space to discover writing to its fullest capacity. As a Her Campus writer, Natalie enjoys discussing all topics, but is especially fond of all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Natalie is currently studying Fashion Merchandising and English at Texas Christian University with hopes of writing for the fashion industry after her four years have passed. She isn't sure what this will look like, but is eager to discover her niche along the path to finding out! Other than Her Campus, Natalie is involved in Greek Life, introducing new students to TCU (Frog Camp Facilitator), church minsitry, and any fine arts she can get her hands on. When she's not writing or being a student (which we all know is a full time job!), Natalie loves retail therapy, watching sappy rom-coms, and being around the people she loves.
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