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I Tried A Cheap Detox Tea & Here’s What Happened

Today, society is obsessed with dieting and detoxing, though what people don’t realize is that you don’t need to go on crazy strict regimes in order to achieve maximum #HealthGoals. 

However, given the fear of the stereotypical “freshman fifteen,” I was too tempted to pass up a cheap tea I found in ShopRite while shopping for dorm snacks.

Traditional Medicinals EveryDay Detox tea was something I was incredibly skeptical about at first. What are the odds that this one box of teabags could cure the problems of an overly exhausted, hungry freshman who will be eating dining hall food for the next ten months? Slim. Very slim.

Traditional Medicinals


On the packaging, it promotes “Healthy Liver Function”, and I can certainly tell you that this stuff does the trick. The flavor, in all honesty, isn’t a spoonful of honey or a sweet ice tea on a hot summer day. With a variety of flavors, it is a combination of many different herbs, and the smell reminds me of a black licorice stick.  


But, get past the initial flavor shock, I realized that it’s not all that bad. After drinking it the first time, I wasn’t sure how I would feel, but I went about my day much calmer and happier than before I drank it. The next day when I wasn’t feeling well, I popped another tea bag in my hot water from the microwave and drank the interesting tea again. After that, I felt even better, healthier, and happier. 

This  box can be found just about anywhere and for, at most, five dollars. The bargain was worth it, and now I can avoid spending hours in the gym trying to feel like a green eating machine, and I can feel confident in myself and my now clean body. Embrace the cleansing detox tea, and detox yourself from the diet-life. You are beautiful and deserve to feel that way. 


Erin is a senior at The College of New Jersey; she majors in Communications and is minoring in Professional Writing and Graphic Design. Erin is currently HCTCNJ's President. When she's not writing, Erin runs on TCNJ's track team; she loves to read, dance around, and spend time with her friends.
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