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How To Enjoy Your Period
How To Enjoy Your Period
Adebusola Abujade / Her Campus Media

Why Gen-Z Should Know About Cycle-Syncing

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I always read my mutuals on social media or hear my friends struggling when that time of the month comes around. I get it, the pain that comes with periods can be horrid and excruciating at times. As a woman, I used to dread those first days of my period. Headaches, bloated belly, aching back, you name it. All I’d want to do is stay in bed with a Ziploc filled with warm water (I don’t know why I haven’t invested in a heating pad). One day I stumbled upon a tik tok discussing what this content creator ate during the phase she was currently in. I immediately felt intrigued because I had no idea there were other phases to those with a uterus other than the ovulation & menstrual phase. So what exactly are these phases? I will cover the four different phases we experience during our cycle & foods I eat during each phase that may improve the pain I tend to experience during menstruation. Each phase is very unique that it may resemble the four seasons of the year. The meals mentioned below include ingredients that aid in managing my PMS symptoms.

Follicular Phase “Spring”

Our follicular phase is the time to do those intense activities you’ve been wanting to do. Going for a hike, taking a Pilates class, or simply going for a run. It’s the phase right after our bleed, and slowly you begin to feel more alive. I don’t drink kombucha often, but if I do, it’ll be during my follicular phase. My favorite flavor is apple kombucha because it tastes like an all time favorite soda “manzanita”. I like to enjoy more colorful foods on my plate such as; leafy greens, kimchi, and citrus fruits. A meal I recently made for this time was a fried rice mix with beef fajita, kale, kimchi, broccoli, and carrots. It comes together so easily, and feeds my newly, fresh feeling body. 

Ovulatory Phase “Summer”

I feel the most excited during this time. I crave sweet foods such as fruits and baked sweets. A delicious meal I ate during this time was a Walnut Mushroom pasta. Most of the time I make meals out of whatever is left over in my fridge. My all time favorite foods that aligns with my cycle are: Greek yogurt with blueberries and granola and avocado fried egg toast. These are some quick and easy meals I enjoy on a normal day. I feel the most confident and outgoing during these next couple of days. I find myself stretching more often than usual and doing simple yoga sun salutations. One thing I tend to prioritize during this phase is socializing! I enjoy hanging out with my roommates in the apartment, or even spending the night out for karaoke.

Luteal Phase “Fall”

HUNGRY PHASE! During this time I am hungrier, hangrier, and hungriest. My appetite is skyrocketing, and so is my food intake. My energy begins to decrease slowly as I find myself spending more time in nature. Laying in the grass requires little to no energy, but it somehow feels better than laying somewhere indoors. A great snack I have enjoyed while on my luteal phase is chocolate covered strawberries. My roommate Claudia recently made some and they were scrumptious. Keeping snacks around are a must during my Luteal because the body is slowly preparing to bleed.

Menstrual Phase “Winter”

As many of us know, our menstrual phase is when the uterus lining sheds if an egg is not fertilized. During this time I prioritize low impact activities such as taking deep breaths and slightly stretching. My body thanks me for taking these days slow and easy. During my period, I start my day by drinking raspberry leaf tea or ginger peach tea to ease any period pain I could be experiencing. Warm cozy foods tend to not only make my heart full, but nourish my weak body. A dish I made a couple weeks ago was lentil tomato soup with sausage bits & kale. Lentils are a very nostalgic dish of my childhood, and I get to and replace the iron levels through lentils. With the cozy foods & liquid theme, I try to drink other beverages at room temperature rather than with ice.

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