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America Campirano

TAMU '24

America Campirano is a member of the social committee at Her Campus at Texas A&M University. She likes to cover topics such as wellness based on her own experiences, events happening in the Bryan, College Station area, and everything pop media.

Along with Her Campus, America is a DJ at KANM student radio! Her show is on Fridays at 11 AM, and enjoys playing feel good music with a slight groove to it. She takes on a modern approach to groovy music while also playing nostalgic music from 70s & 80s. She is currently a senior at Texas A&M University at College Station, majoring in Environmental Studies with a minor in Geography.

America enjoys the outdoors no matter the activity such as going on hikes, camping, swimming, or simply sitting under a shaded tree to journal. She enjoys starting a new series, but chances that she finishes a whole show is very low. America will never say no to a Karaoke night. Her vocals may not be all in, but her spirit will be. Since she is a sustainable queen, she loves thrifting for herself & her family. Her favorite things to thrift are Knick knacks as they are her favorite oddities to collect.