How One TikToker Helped Me Achieve Self-Love

More often than not, I tend to be very hard on myself when it comes to self-image, self-love, and self-respect. Similarly, I know many other women and men struggle with body acceptance, especially when it comes to celebrating the body we have. One TikTok user, Nabela, has helped changed my perspective on loving myself for who I am, and her mission to help others struggling with self-image is inspirational.

Thanks to quarantine, I finally gave in to downloading the infamous TikTok, and this is where my journey towards self-love began. I stumbled upon an account that was all about body positivity and being thankful for small moments. Nabela has changed my outlook on life and has made me more comfortable in my skin. 

Nabela has created a clothing line, Zeba, and the company's mission is to break away from society's standards of beauty. All labels with the typical sizing of XS-4XL have been replaced with words of affirmation to empower the customer; for example, XS is Passionate, S is Brave, M is Inspiring, and so forth. Nabela's goal to be inclusive and build women's self-esteem is a progressive way to achieving body-positivity. 

After binge-watching every TikTok she has ever posted, I have learned many new ways to appreciate myself. Most importantly, Nabela gave me this new affirmation to say in the mirror each morning: "I will not reserve my happiness for a later date or a later weight, I choose to love myself now, I choose to accept myself now, I choose to be happy now."

Reminding myself that I should live in the moment and appreciate what I am blessed with is important to living a happier lifestyle. Saying this small affirmation to myself when I feel down allows me to change my mindset and be content with how I am at that very moment in time. 

In all honesty, the video that finally made something inside me click was about how we treat our friends. Nabela points out that when we see our friends in cute outfits, the negative thoughts don't come to mind. I found this very accurate; I never see any flaws in my friends and always hype them up. She put the thought of, "What would I say to my best friend?" and if you would not say it to your friend, then you should not say it to yourself.  

Nabela's 60-second videos have helped me tremendously; she has taught me how to love my body, accept myself, forgive myself, and most importantly, respect myself. If you have time and need help in validating yourself or learning how to enjoy small moments throughout your day, I recommend following her TikTok. She posts daily, and her current theme is "Pockets of Peace," where she shows the highlights from her day because, as she says, "each day carries a few moments of goodness, and we deserve to enjoy them." 

From this point on, I choose to treat every day like a celebration. Even if getting dressed or doing something that I enjoy will contribute to my self-growth and self-acceptance journey. You, too, should choose to love yourself today and every day you are healthy and capable of doing extraordinary things. As Nabela put it, "You are doing the best you can, you are enough as you are right now, and you are destined to do amazing things."