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If you want to work on your flexibility and get toned at the same time, you have to try out barre. Barre is a combination of ballet, Pilates, and yoga-inspired exercises that work to strengthen your body as well as make it more flexible. Hailey, one of the yoga instructors, became certified in barre and is now teaching this class Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8pm.


Once the clock hits 8pm, the warm up starts. It’s a combination of high knees to get that heart rate up, planks that shake your core, squats to get your blood flowing, and a few yoga positions to sneak in a stretch. Once you’re warmed up, everyone moves up to the bar where the real work happens. With the grueling ballet inspired exercises by the end of the work out your legs will feel numb and out of your control because you work on every single muscle. Trust me though, it does get easier. You just have to give your body time to adjust to these types of exercises. In the mean time, let Hailey’s awesome playlist push you and motivate you through this work out. After a few classes you’ll learn that when Beyonce’s “Love on Top” blast through the speakers, you’re near the end of the class. To culminate the intense leg workout, Hailey typically sneaks in a brief abs work out, and then finally, you get to go back to your mat and stretch.


This hour-long class is for those who want to transform their bodies. It is intense, and it is not easy at first, but trust me when I say that it is worth it. Not only does Hailey make the class super fun, but also you’re in a room with fifteen other girls who just want to work on themselves and have fun while doing so. The playlist is great, Hailey is relatable and hilarious, and the exercises are creative and effective. I highly recommend this class and hope that if you’re reading this it’ll make you curious enough to try it.

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