The Importance of “You” Time in College

There comes a point in time where every college student becomes stressed. You may be overwhelmed with exams, totally hungover from the night before, or feeling the need to workout, but you can’t get out of bed. When having these feelings of doubt, you may want to evaluate the time you are spending alone.

That’s right. Alone. Living with a roommate and surrounded by friends is great, until you get overwhelmed. There’s times when you may need to pass on a night out and watch Netflix in bed, or skip the girls trip to the mall to workout at the gym.

The long days of classes and treacherous exams you stayed up all night studying for have consumed you. It is important to have time to relax and treat yourself. This can be as simple as a facemask, painting your nails, or taking a yoga or spin class. Other ways to de-stress can range from going off campus and treating yourself to a nice meal, or taking a much needed mid-day nap.

Taking time for yourself can make you value the time you are able to spend with your friends and family to a greater extent. The night you made the choice to stay in and catch up on emails and schoolwork can make the next night out with your friends all that more fun.

It is rare to have individual time in college. Being surrounded by other college students and professors is a vital part of your educational journey, but reflection time is just as important.

In the end, you want to be able to ground yourself amongst the busy schedule you may be faced with. Take a walk down Marshall street and grab yourself a coffee at Starbucks. Sit outside on a bench and take that moment to de-stress. Trust me, you need it!