6 Tips to Healthy Skin 


With the Spring season already blossoming, and the stress of finals approaching, you might be experiencing breakouts all over your face. Sure, with the temperature changing and countless all-nighters, your skin may be screaming for help. We all have different skin types, so we all react to the weather, foods, and acne products differently. But, I believe we can get rid of those breakouts or skin irritability by genuinely taking care of our skin with what we put into our bodies and expose ourselves to. To start I’ve come up with 6 tips to healthy skin. 


1. Water 

You’ve probably already heard this before, but your body is made up of mostly water so you should make it an important staple in your diet. It’s recommended you drink half the number of your weight in ounces. 


2. Wash 

I know, when it comes time to remove your makeup at the end of the day, you might, just sometimes skip that part and worry about it in the morning. NO! Don’t do that to your face. All that dirt that your face picked up during the day is now sitting there and might cause you a breakout or two. 


3. Moisturize 

If you have dry skin, this is really important. Make sure to give your skin an extra boost of nutrients by applying a moisturizer after you have washed your face. Since, the sun is piercing through the clouds now, it’s also important to apply sunscreen. 


4. Night Cream 

Although your still pretty young, it’s nice to get a head start on preventing wrinkles and bags from forming under your eyes. You may not see them on your face now, but these things will catch up to you especially since you only sleep for 5 hours every night. 


5. Sleep 

You know the drill. The human body should get at least 8 hours of sleep. 

6. Treat Yourself 

Get used to treating your face with a mask or a facial scrub. There are all sorts of facial masks in the market today. Try to pamper your face with one once every month to clean out your pores. 

Hopefully theses few tips can get you on the way to clear, and healthy skin. 


Photos By: Pexels https://www.pexels.com/search/skin%20care/