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Top 5 Exercises to Stay in Shape in the Dorm

There's always an excuse for not working out. The Rec is always busy. It's getting cold. It's hard to find a block out of your day. Well who said you can’t work out in your dorm? Don’t feel guilty about skipping the gym anymore with these short workouts that will bounce you right back into shape. Stay re-energized and refreshed with these in-dorm workouts. 

#1. The Bird Dog 

The workout is taken out from a yoga move that is designed to target your obliques. For best results keep your belly tighten throughout the full set. 

#2. Side Crunches

This simple move targets your core to quickly build stomach muscles. 

#3. Mountain Climbers

If your advanced try to go faster each time you alternate your feet the faster you do this the more calories you will burn. As for beginners you might want to start off slow then pick up the pace as you get comfortable with the workout.

#4. V-Sits

Here's another one to work on your core strength. 

#5. Burpees

This workout is a great way to get some cardio into your day and get your heart racing.  

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