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“Barbie has a great day every day.” And so can you. 

The 1.4 billion dollar film has taken the world by storm. The feminine energies are rethinking their lives and realizing they could be Barbie too, and it’s not that hard. 

Spoiler alert- not everyone has the perfect skin, long blonde hair, and shiny legs to be the classic Barbie. In good spirits however, the Barbie World is very welcoming that there’s plenty of room for every Barbie, all shapes and sizes with bright futures.

Ever since I’ve seen the movie, I’ve slowly been changing things in my life and you realize thinking like Barbie isn’t delusional. Becoming a confident human being isn’t something that happens overnight, but why wait any longer. 

The first step is a reminder that you’re perfect the way you are. Don’t change something about yourself if you really don’t want to. You decide at the end of the day. 

If you think it’s time for a change, try just setting little reminders for yourself. You are completely safe and making the right decisions, because you’re doing what’s best for you. 

Remember you can literally do anything you want. Don’t like your major? Change it. Want to make a new friend? Strike up the conversation. You control your own life and you decide whether you are going to have a good day. 

Let me put the brakes on the self-love talk for a second. Sometimes the overly peppy comments and the ‘you can do it’ spirit isn’t believable and feels unattainable. For the longest time I didn’t believe this because everyone makes it seem easy or they are too care-free.

Being Barbie is appearances, a healthy mindset, and tapping into your energy. You don’t need to dress in pink, wear what you want to wear. You may be self-deprecating some days, so be kind to yourself.

It’s really all about you and you learn all the bad days have to happen. Then you grow to realize the bad days are just made up of smaller moments that won’t matter in the long run. 

People come and go, and that won’t change your Barbie energy. You may fail a class, and you still won’t lose your Barbie spunk. Barbie energy is the younger version that lives inside of you that claps and smiles at your hard work. You are there to give that younger you a hug and tell them it’s going to be okay, because you’ve grown up and seen real changes happen. 

If you haven’t figured this out yet, being Barbie doesn’t mean be Barbie. It means you are being your authentic self and growing with the numerous changes of life. Celebrate making your bed and call someone you’d love to hear from, just be there for yourself. 

“Take my hands, close your eyes, now feel.”

Melanie Karniewich

Stony Brook '25

Melanie Karniewich is the Vice President of Her Campus Stony Brook and a junior Journalism major with a minor in Film and Screen Studies at Stony Brook University. You can always find her reading rom-com novels, watching mystery movies, and of course writing.